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X1 Pocket Bike Performance

x1 pocket bike performance

    bike performance
  • A bicycle's performance, in both biological and mechanical terms, is extraordinarily efficient. In terms of the amount of energy a person must expend to travel a given distance, investigators have calculated it to be the most efficient self-powered means of transportation.

  • Put into one's pocket

  • a small pouch inside a garment for carrying small articles

  • Take or receive (money or other valuables) for oneself, esp. dishonestly

  • Drive (a ball) into a pocket

  • put in one's pocket; "He pocketed the change"

  • pouch: an enclosed space; "the trapped miners found a pocket of air"

  • Flight 16P of SpaceShipOne was a spaceflight in the Tier One program that took place on September 29, 2004. It was the first competitive flight in the Ansari X PRIZE competition to demonstrate a non-governmental reusable manned spacecraft, and is hence also referred to as the X1 flight.

  • represents the position of the object

x1 pocket bike performance - Bike 2-Pack

Bike 2-Pack Performance Cotton Jock Strap BASP17B S/Black

Bike 2-Pack Performance Cotton Jock Strap BASP17B S/Black

Soft cotton feel
Wide waistband is plush lined for extra comfort
Stability anchor on waistband provides support and lift
Cool, breathable stretch mesh pouch
2-strap back
Handy 2-pack for stocking up

Bike 2-Pack Performance Cotton Jock Strap technical details:
2 inch logo elastic waistband
3/4 inch elastic back straps
No bottom coverage

The Bike 2-Pack Performance Cotton Jock Strap, from the Bike athletic men’s underwear collection, is a super-comfortable support system for all your athletic needs, providing great support and protection where you need it. Made from a breathable stretch mesh fabric, this Bike jock strap keeps you cool during your training session. The Bike 2-Pack Performance Cotton Jock Strap features a stability anchor at the front of the waistband for added support and lift.
Specs based on size M

75% (7)

empty your pockets

empty your pockets

i see why i need a belt :-( i originally thought i needed a belt as compensation for holding my britches up due to the fact that i recently lost 50+lbs. but then i came to the realization that the reason i do in fact need the aforementiond belt is because i have too much shit in my pockets.

take todays pocket-emptying discoveries for example. the list:

one black ink pen
one blue ink pen
one round cannister of tangerine altoids
one round cannister of cinnamon altoids
one pack of dentyne 'fire' chewing gum
an empty pack of newport lights
a full pack of newport lights
the wrapper pull from the full pack
cell phone
one set of keys with 3 of the same key on there, 10 keys total
a wrist-watch which of course is in my pocket and not my arm
four crumpled dollar bills
one 'case' pocket knife
one 'kershaw' pocket knife
six diesel receipts
a bic lighter [for the newports]
seventeen quarters
two dimes
a nickle
nine pennies
one french 10 centimes coin
one 2 euro coin
one 1 euro coin
and a bottle of pills

holy shit. any more and i'm going to need suspenders or worse... overalls . . . . . .

high gain pocket wizard

high gain pocket wizard

Inspired by the work of others before me here is my experimental high gain long distance pocket wizard antenna setup. Based on initial calculations this should give the pocket wizards a range of 64 miles line of sight. And of course if we use on on each end the we get a theoretical 4,000 miles line of sight. That feels like a bit of overkill, but it good to know we can do it.

x1 pocket bike performance

x1 pocket bike performance

Skip Hop Pacifier Pocket, Willow Charcoal

Skip Hop Pacifier Pocket - Willow CharcoalOur Pacifier Pocket holds up to two pacifiers and keeps them clean and handy. The Agion antimicrobial-protected lining helps reduce odor-causing bacteria. With its convenient strap, you can attach it to your stroller, diaper bag or anywhere else to keep your pacifiers within arms reach. This lil' pocket has a zipper closure and includes a small front pouch.Features include: -Agion anti-microbial-treated lining inhibits bacteria growth-Keeps two pacifiers clean and handy-Handle snaps open to attach to stroller or diaper bag-Secure zipper closure (velcro-free)-Mini front pocket

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