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Bike Engine Kits

bike engine kits

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LeRhone Engine In Sopwith Pup

LeRhone Engine In Sopwith Pup

1,367-1-59 ... Photo found on internet. ... Shows how the rotary engine is mounted on the airplane fuselage. ... See notes on photo.

This is a LeRhone Rotary (Not Radial) Engine.

A "Rotary" engine rotates with the propeller. ... If it was running in this photo the engine would be a blur. This allows the engine cylinders to be air cooled, which avoids the need for a radiator, water pump and plumbing.

The crankshaft extends out the rear of the engine crankcase and is secured to the airplane, ... and the crankcase and cylinders spin around the crankshaft. ... The prop is attached to the crankcase.

Fuel, air and Castor oil are all injected at the rear end of the crankshaft inside the plane and on into the crankcase. ... The mixture is then fed through copper tubes to each cylinder head. ... The exhaust, including the Castor oil, is blown out into the cowling and out to the atmosphere. ... Castor oil gets all over the whole plane.



Both engine houses are now framed out and are ready for paneling and detail. This is a pretty good view of the escort shuttle on the docking cradle.

bike engine kits

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