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Air Resistance Exercise Bikes

air resistance exercise bikes

    resistance exercise
  • Resistance training has two different, broader meaning that refers to any training that uses a resistance to the force of muscular contraction (better termed strength training), and elastic or hydraulic resistance, which refers to a specific type of strength training that uses elastic or

  • A form of strength training. Exercise in which the muscle contracts and pulls against a weight or other resistance. Used to increase muscle strength and bone strength.

  • Working out with weights or using your body to resist some other force. This includes a wide spectrum of motion, from push-ups to dumbbell curls.

  • A bicycle or motorcycle

  • (bike) bicycle: a wheeled vehicle that has two wheels and is moved by foot pedals

  • (bike) bicycle: ride a bicycle

  • (bike) motorcycle: a motor vehicle with two wheels and a strong frame

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air resistance exercise bikes - Stamina 1300

Stamina 1300 Magnetic Resistance Upright Bike

Stamina 1300 Magnetic Resistance Upright Bike

Stationary cycling is one of the most effective low-impact aerobic exercises for increasing your metabolism for more efficient calorie and fat burning without the impact on your joints. Choose your own workout intensity with the 8-step adjustable tension

Enjoy an effective low-impact aerobic workout in your home with the Stamina 1300 upright stationary bike--a great tool for increasing your metabolism for more efficient calorie and fat burning without the impact on your joints. The Stamina 1300's magnetic resistance gives you a quiet, smooth workout with a tension dial that lets you choose and change the intensity/resistance anytime during your workout.

The InTouch monitor provides easy readability; see larger image for more features.
The large easy-to-read monitor with scan keeps you motivated during your workout by displaying speed, distance, time, and calories burned with one-button control. The oversized, cushioned seat is adjustable to fit most users for comfort and proper exercise form.
Features and Specifications

Stamina InTouch monitor with large, easy-to-read numbers
Monitor tracks time, speed, distance, calories, and scans with simple, one-button control
Oversized, weighted pedals
Comfortable, oversized, wrapped vinyl seat with multiple seat positions
Rolls for easy storage
Leveling stabilizer caps
Maximum user weight: 250 pounds
Recommended workout area: 4 x 5 feet
Warranty: 1 year on frame, 90 days on parts
Dimensions: 35 x 22.63 x 48.5 inches (LxWxH)
About Exercise Bikes
Despite the competition from trendy new fitness inventions, exercise bikes continue to be popular options for home exercise. They offer the same aerobic benefits of riding a bicycle at any time, in any weather, without leaving the comfort and safety of home. Exercise bikes don't take up much space, require little or no balance or coordination, and can provide an effective workout for all levels of users, from beginners to serious competitors. While the same could be said for a number of other types of home fitness equipment, the exercise bike is one of the few that allows you to watch television or read a magazine while you work out. For many people, having convenient access to quality exercise equipment is critical to sticking with a long-term exercise program.

79% (8)

006/365 - Nike is Cheering Me On

006/365 - Nike is Cheering Me On

I’m starting to enjoy EA Sports Active 2, especially since I’ve found out I was putting on the leg sensor wrong improperly and I no longer shout expletives at my TV while doing squat + resistance exercises.

One thing that kind of baffles me though is the ad placement; logos will show up at random places with no coherent connection to what you’re doing, as seen here. Although it’s nice to know that The Swoosh™ is cheering me on, it doesn’t really push me into buying a Nike product.

Triceps Resistance Band Exercise

Triceps Resistance Band Exercise

Hold ends band in each hand. Hold left foot. Extend right arms out, bend the elbow a little, and hold while you count to 3. Repeat 10 times. Other arm as well.
This is also an excellent hamstring and lower back stretch. How's that for value!

air resistance exercise bikes

air resistance exercise bikes

Airgometer Exercise Bike

15-1100 The Stamina Airgometer Exercise Bike is quiet, smooth, and reliable to withstand seriously intense workouts. This air resistance bike is simple to use yet comfortable with the wider, cushioned seat, weighted, textured pedals, and padded dual action handlebars. Cycling improves your cardiovascular fitness and strengthens your entire body including legs, thighs, hips, calves, arms, and chest. The dual action handlebars add an upper body workout and more intensity to your workout to burn calories and fat. Features: -Unlimited levels of smooth, quiet magnetic air resistance (air and electromagnetic). -Comfortable stationary foot rests (not just a steel bar) that support your feet during upper body only work. -Dual action handlebars add more cardio intensity, tone arms, chest, shoulders and back (upper and lower body). -InTouch Fitness Monitor with large, easy-to-read LCD display tracks time, distance, speed, and calories burned or set to scan and track all readouts with the display changing every four seconds. -Wider, cushioned seat adjusts to put you in proper cycling position. -10 seat height adjustments. -Wheels for easy portability. -Leveling stabilizer caps. -Easy to get on and off. -Sturdy steel housing around fan -High density foam hand grips and slip resistant pedals. -Heavy-duty oval steel frame construction. -Water bottle holder with water bottle. -Assembled dimensions: 50'' tall x 49'' long x 23'' wide. -Weight limit: 300 lbs. (136 kg). Specifications: -Recommended use: Use at home to improve cardiovascular fitness and to strengthen entire body. -Material: Steel frame. -Product Color: Black/blue. -Resistance: Air resistance. -Targeted Training: Improvescardiovascular fitness and strengthens legs, thighs, hips, calves, arms, and chest. The dual action handlebars add an upper body workout and more intensity to your workout to burn calories. and fat.. -Includes: Stamina Airgometer Exercise Bike, owner's manual. -Assembly: Some assembly required. Produ

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