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Secure Bicycle Parking - Bianchi Cross Bike

Secure Bicycle Parking

secure bicycle parking

  • free from fear or doubt; easy in mind; "he was secure that nothing will be held against him"

  • fasten: cause to be firmly attached; "fasten the lock onto the door"; "she fixed her gaze on the man"

  • procure: get by special effort; "He procured extra cigarettes even though they were rationed"

  • Protected against attack or other criminal activity

  • Fixed or fastened so as not to give way, become loose, or be lost

  • Not subject to threat; certain to remain or continue safe and unharmed

secure bicycle parking - Allen Lightweight

Allen Lightweight Folding 6-Bike Parking Rack

Allen Lightweight Folding 6-Bike Parking Rack

Lightweight Folding 6 Bicycle Parking Rack

Featuring vertical sections that telescope so it can be folded flat for storage, this lightweight steel rack securely holds six bicycles upright so they can be easily accessed. A thick black-power coating prevents rusting indoors and outdoors. The rack arrives fully assembled and can be set up for use in seconds. It carries a lifetime warranty on workmanship and materials.
About Allen Bike Racks
In 1967, after a few years of working on the aerospace technology for the Apollo missions, Dick Allen was out of a job. Government cutbacks led Allen, a Harvard-trained physicist, to transform his garage hobby into a new industry. A cycling enthusiast, inventor, and family man, Allen had a personal need for a bike-carrying device. On weekends, he would take his sons and wife to Cape Cod or the White Mountains of New Hampshire. What proved difficult time and again was the transport of his family’s bicycles. Rather than fight through inconvenience with twine and a dinged car, Allen sought an answer for himself as well as a market in which he foresaw major growth possibilities.
Always a pathfinder, Allen took to work in his Lincoln, Massachusetts garage in search of a more efficient way to transport bikes. Drafting designs during the day and constructing them throughout the night, he put together a model made of electrical conduit, metal strapping, and fire hose casings (for padding). At first, the Allens’ tested the prototype on weekend excursions. Finding the first trunk-mounted rack to be a success, Dick started Allen Bike Racks. Dealer acceptance came quickly, and by 1971 Allen Bike Racks were sold nationally through a number of major bicycle distributors. Today, the company owns over three dozen patents and offers a versatile product line of bike racks while Dick’s son Alex now owns and operates the business. What started out as a small garage run operation now operates three warehouses nationally, two factories abroad, and has products sold in more than a dozen countries around the world.

85% (6)

2nd & Arizona Bike Parking Issues

2nd & Arizona Bike Parking Issues

At Second and Arizona there is a lot of bike parking demand when the Farmers Market is held here. The Christian Institute, apparently frustrated with cyclists attaching to their fence, posted all kinds of angsty hand written no bikes on fence signs.

Contributing to this problem besides the lack of bicycle racks, is that all the nearby parking meters are covered with signs top to bottom (partly because the farmers market it self), meaning cyclists with a compact U-lock that ordinary can use a parking meter if nothing else is around, cannot attach, nor with any kind of bike lock. Leaving the Christian Institute parking lot fence the closest way to safely secure a bike at the Farmers Market here, creating the conflict.

Photos geotagged for location.

Documenting bicycle parking conditions in Santa Monica. There are some places that address bike parking demand with racks in the city, but many places were demand is much higher than supply or in the majority of cases, not existent. Lack of bike parking discourages making bicycle trips, and encourages haphazard methods to attach bicycles with less than ideal locks.

Do Not Park Bicycles Here

Do Not Park Bicycles Here

Bicycles parked in this area will be taken away.

Bicycles will be kept at the bicycle pound shown below.

Bicycles can be reclaimed for 2,300 Yen. After four weeks, bicycles will be impounded by Kyoto City.

Note: amazingly (to an American from a large city), very *few* bicycles parked on the sidewalk are actually locked to anything. They usually just have a bolt or cable locked through the rear wheel.

In Tokyo, I actually saw someone uniformed like a cop or meter attendant *shuffling* bikes to the side to better use the space. Gods I envy the Japanese bike culture (as far as I can understand it, anyway)!

Section with QR code posted separately as:

secure bicycle parking

secure bicycle parking

Hollywood Racks PS6 Parking Valet 6 - Bike 6-Bike Parking Rack

Double sided, indoor or outdoor use.

Easily assembled, this heavy-duty bicycle stand parks up to six bicycles. A weather-resistant finish makes the stand equally suitable for indoor or outdoor use.
About Hollywood Racks
Hollywood Racks started in 1973 when they began making trunk racks in the back of our bike shop in Hollywood, CA. As a retailer, the company knew exactly what people needed: good quality products that were easy to use. They earned a great reputation fast and began selling racks to other dealers, and later to the bike companies. Today, Hollywood Racks builds racks the only way they know how: simple, strong, and secure.
Hollywood Racks are built with top-quality materials including high-strength steel, aircraft-quality fasteners, and thick powder coats to withstand the elements. Generous amounts of padding protect bikes and cars, and all of their products are fully covered with a limited warranty. The company's products continue to receive accolades from all the major outdoor sports magazines, and are in demand by everyone from recreational cycling families to weekend warriors to race teams on the road and off.

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